Hello, and welcome to my userpage. I am a 14-year old American Guild Wars enthusiast with an extremely large vocabulary and a number of Lego Magazines. I enjoy listening to the goodies but oldies; Beatles, Eagles, Arrowsmith, REM, and some somewhat newer stuff; Goo Goo Dolls, Smashmouth, and Bare Naked Ladies. Despite what this may cause some people to think, I do in fact have out-of-game friends, three of which also play Guild Wars, and one of which has a Guildwiki account (you know him as Sacraficia). In my spare time I teach my pets Spanish, play Guild Wars (duh), sabotage other peoples computers and be there to help them put it back together, and think about all the different ways I can annoy my little sister (I believe many of you know the type). I feel I have a kindred spirit in GrammarNazi (just a random thought I would like put out there). Oh, and as you may have noticed, I like parenthesis and drop-down lists. If anyone wants a free run somewhere, simply message me in game and I will run you wherever (assuming it is possible, i.e. not from Kaineng Center to House zu Heltzer) free of charge. No catch. (Nope, srry, can't afford to run for free for anyone but friends and guildies. I am in dire need of money atm. Sorry again!) Just tell your friends to fly Caris Cruiselines. The Tyrian traveller's best friend.


I am currently bacheloring for a guild atm. If anyone has a large, friendly, possibly PvP-oriented guild looking for a member, let me know.


This is where I put my random complaints, compliments, queries, and praises to whoever is up there. They probably won't listen to the mad ravings of a lunatic, but it's nice to put my thoughts on paper, or rather, wikis. Feel free to resond to them if you see fit on my discussion page.

  • Why is it that Arena Net has to nerf everything as soon as players find out they can play more effectively if they use a certain base skillbar? What's wrong with people repeatedly killing monsters?
  • Love the art in the Crystal Desert, Shiverpeaks, Desolation, and Istan. Simply incredible.
  • Every campaign, there seems to be more and more revealing armor. What is with that?
  • Great concepts and art on some of the monsters in-game Anet congrats. (Tengu, Afflicted, Shiroken, Djinn, etc.)
  • Male Necromancer dance has got to be the best in game so far. Dervish and Paragon are just plain messed up.
  • The September 14, 2006 update on the Ritualist skill update was totally uncalled for. It's abusing Ritualist's right to protect their team members from spikes.
  • An while we're on the subject of spikes, why is it that some monsters can spike but whenever players do Anet updates the skills in the spike so players cant use it anymore? That doesn't make much sense.
  • Players should be able to capture monster skills. Maybe have it set up so you can only have one in your skill bar at a time and other restrictions apply. You could even make a new title for the number of monster skills you have capped.
  • The restrictions on MMs suck. Get rid of the Minion limit and have instead more skills with the neglected Holy damage.

Things I'm Doing

Guild Wars Projects

GuildWiki Projects

  • Currently procrastinating working on an Ultimate Skill Quick Referance which once finished I will attempt to put onto the public wiki and out of my user space.
"For Great Justice!" Spread the word! Use this makeshift banner to promote The Warrior Union, a discussion about the warrior's sad place at the bottom of the teaming heap . For greater Warrior justice!

Other Random Stuff


As bad as it is, I want this stuff out of my head. Sorry you have to endure this!


As far as I know, I came up with this idea for my userpage design on my own (but I can't trust my subconcience). But if anyone thinks their page looks like mine just come on over and complain at me, and I'll add a little memoir for you as well. TY to the wiki itself and whoever came up with the awesome idea of having a GW wikipedia, as it is more complete than any other website I can find. Also has led me into the world of other wikipedias, much to the dismay of my school librarian, but ah well I'm getting off topic.

Trophy Room

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