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  • He died.
Nightfall Chest Run History
  • 3/15/08-3/17/08: E>N>Rt>W>R>Me>Mo (from loose memory, average seemed ~24.5k)
  • 5/20/08: Rt>W>R>Me>E>Mo>N (19.4k average per char after selling/id/salvage/storing) (seemed more profitable to do runs from end to beginning)
  • 6/25/08: A>Rt>W>R>Me>E>Mo>N (7.566k average -- per 3rd time character -- BEFORE selling/id/salvage/storing) (average gold from 2 characters in order from end to beginning were 1549>1455>920>776>694>607>527>257>247>258>122>128, so just do Vabbi and higher) (3rd time characters got all purples, except Rt who got 2 diamonds) (average purple value was 130, or 1.5k for all) (Conclusion: runs 1-5 = ~1.7k; runs 6-12 = ~7.5k)
  • 8/19/08: N (finished another set of treasures from vanquishing; 11 purples, 1 saphire)
  • 9/30/2008: D (20.6k, 12 golds =23.6k after salvage) > A (17.6k, 7 golds 20.9=k after salvage)


Gulfstream el Taco [GS] [4]
Metal Headz [MH] [5]
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Lack of Talent [LUCK]
Cries of Frustration [Cry] [6]
Brotherhood of Omegus [Boo] [7]
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