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Skills that should exist (elites)

Sigent of Balthazar (smiting prayers)

Sigent. Target foe takes 30-70 holy damage. if he was attacking or casting a spell, he is knocked down, takes an additional 10-40 damage and is set on fire for 1-3 seconds.

Enchantment of Dwayna (divine favor)

Enchantment Spell. Heal target ally for 13-124 health. For 3-14 seconds, target ally has 2-6 health generation. When this spell ends, target ally is healed for 12-89 health. If this spell ends prematurely, target ally takes 25-13 holy damage.

Dwayna Health (healing prayers)

Spell. Heal target ally for 70-140 health. (suppose to be spamming skill).

Blunt Sigent (curses)

Sigent. Target foe and all nearby foes are dazed for 3-16 seconds. For each foe dazed you lose 4-2 energy.

Arrow Shower (marksmanship)

pereperation. for 24 second, you are shooting 2-6 arrows per shot. Each arrow deals 20-7 less damage. This pereperation ends if you use a skill.

Gift of Lyssa

Enchantment spell. for 6-16 seconds all your hexes last 4-5 more seconds.

"I'm Counting on You" (motivation)

Shout.for 15-24 seconds, you attack 25% slower, move 25% slower, and your attacks deal 30-20% less damage.Target ally attacks 25-29% faster, moves 25-29% faster, and his attacks deal 35-45% more damage.

If any of this skills is overpowered\too lame\too similar to another skill, just ask me to change it.

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