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Don't hang out much here anymore, just off and on.


This user loves cheese.
If you want his cheese, you will have to challenge him in native Antartican cinder block wrestling.
If you lose, you must submit one and a half of your own testicles, as well as a cup of Maxwell House coffee.

Do assassin's always die this fast?

  • I got the idea from Zerris, and I just wanted one of my own. I do all my own stunts.

The beast is coming...

  • You have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to get exactly 666 health. And no I didn't use photoshop at all except to crop it.

You want it...

  • It didn't take me as long 666 health, but it still took some thinking. You have to admit that its pretty neat.


  • I have no idea how this happened... It was in Shing Jea Monastary.

Skills that have similar icons.

  • A little project that I have started. Feel free to look at it and add to it if you want.

My humor:

LOOKIE HERE!!! Haha, made you look.
O.o This user's userboxes are all messed up.
/slap This user really thinks they need a slap emote.
"We Shall Return!".jpg This user thinks that he can fly.
Creative This user believes ANet has a little problem with creativity.