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Signet of Roxxor
Lightbringer Signet.jpg
zomg teh r INVICIBLE!!!11!!11
Skill details
NA-icon.png Profession: Unknown
Attribute: roxxor
Type: Pwnage Signet
Energy.png Energy Cost: 0
Activation.png Activation Time: 0
Recharge.png Recharge Time: 12.5


Pwnage Signet. For 60 seconds you gain 437 armor, 53 health regeneration, you are immune to Shadow and Holy damage, you are healed 787 health every time you attack, every time you gain a new condition that condition is transfered to all foes in the area, and all hexes against you fail... miserably. This enchanement cannot be removed, stripped, copied, mimicked, interupted, disabled, and cannot be made to fail.


  • Use this if you are 1337 and only when you are 1337.


Signet of Capture:


  • Most likely if you ever happen to actually have a possible chance of maybe even make a good attempt at trying to capture this skill then Anet will ban you just because this skill is so 1337.


  • If you add up all the numbers in the skill description, they add up to 1337