It seems to me that Anet artists are hitting a block. Just some skills that I think had similar icons. Feel free to post any that you notice here.

Number Skill Similar Icon
1 Backfire Desperation Blow
2 Gale Ash Blast Extinguish
3 Crossfire Prepared Shot Marauder's Shot
4 Famine Equinox
5 Natural Temper Aggressive Refrain
6 Energy Surge Shatter Enchantment Enervating Charge
7 Power Flux Power Leech
8 Migraine Panic
9 Echo Plague Touch
10 Mend Ailment Energy Burn
11 Energizing Finale Leader's Zeal
12 Dash Escape "Make Haste!" Burning Speed
13 Clamor of Souls Gaze from Beyond
14 Blood Ritual Black Lotus Strike Way of the Fox
15 Triple Chop Whirling Axe
16 Judge's Intervention Air Attunement Scourge Healing
17 Intensity "Fear Me!"
18 Obsidian Flesh Soothing Images
19 "I Will Avenge You!" Frenzied Defense
20 Shield Bash Shield of Deflection
21 Ether Renewal Healing Burst
22 Protector's Strike Jaizhenju Strike
23 Silverwing Slash Standing Slash Vital Weapon Resilient Weapon
24 Barrage Triple Shot (Luxon) Flurry
25 Peace and Harmony Union
26 Awaken the Blood Armor of Unfeeling
27 "Go for the Eyes!" "Help Me!" Focused Anger
28 "Lead the Way!" "Make Your Time!"
29 Vile Touch Mend Condition Lightning Touch
30 Backbreaker Clumsiness
31 Lightning Hammer Enraged Smash
32 Teinai's Heat Psychic Instability Aspect of Fear
33 Rend Enchantments Shield of Absorption
34 Vital Blessing Gift of Health
35 Images of Remorse Reckless Haste
36 Shell Shock Body Shot
37 Zojun's Shot Needling Shot
38 Critical Strike Sharpen Daggers
39 Rigor Mortis Feast of Corruption Chilblains
40 Spirit Burn Grasping Earth
41 Quivering Blade Dragon Slash Dulled Weapon
42 Heal Area Heal Other
43 Iron Palm Lifebane Strike
44 Zealot's Fire Fireball
45 Balthazar's Aura Elemental Lord (Luxon)
46 Flesh of My Flesh Purge Conditions
47 Restoration Explosive Growth
48 Lift Enchantment Mirror of Disenchantment Weaken Knees
49 Consume Corpse Enfeeble Price of Failure
50 Natural Stride Sum of All Fears
51 Kindle Arrows Punishing Shot
52 Belly Smash Galrath Slash
53 Death Pact Signet Signet of Creation
54 Charm Animal Glowing Gaze
55 "I Am Unstoppable!" Balanced Stance
56 Aneurysm Spirit Bond
57 Cry of Pain Anguish
58 Overload Power Block
59 Cultist's Fervor Locust's Fury
60 Way of the Assassin Tainted Flesh
61 Sandstorm Freezing Gust
62 Divine Spirit Spoil Victor
63 Edge of Extinction Call of Destruction
64 Edification Thunderclap
65 Fire Attunement Firebomb Flare
66 Second Wind Power Return
67 Draw Conditions Reverse Hex
68 Sneak Attack "Finish Him!" Body Blow
69 Spirit of Failure Crippling Anguish
70 Fierce Blow Great Dwarf Weapon
71 Angorodon's Gaze Awaken the Blood
72 Agonizing Chop Critical Chop
73 Way of the Lotus Primal Rage
74 Aspect of Pain Accumulated Pain
75 Siphon Speed Viper's Defense
76 Brutal Strike Feral Aggression
77 Purifying Finale Demonic Miasma

Meant to look alike

A separate section for skills meant to look alike, but still worthy of being noted.

Number Skill Similar Icon
1 Vampiric Touch Vampiric Bite
2 Storm Djinn's Haste Flame Djinn's Haste
3 Spike Trap Barbed Trap
4 Grenth's Balance Lyssa's Balance
5 Defiant Was Xinrae Lively Was Naomei
6 Horns of the Ox Trampling Ox
7 Signet of Pious Light Signet of Pious Restraint Signet of Mystic Speed
8 Well of Power Well of Suffering Well of Blood Well of the Profane
9 Shivers of Dread Spinal Shivers
10 Glimmer of Light Orison of Healing
11 Mantra of Signets Mantra of Inscriptions


  • Many skills have an ankh symbol in them, as seen in Healing Breeze or Healing Signet. (They are Healing skills, the ankh is the main egyptian symbol of life.)
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