GuildWars Wiki

The Moot-Lists

The Anti-Wishlist

  • Increase Level Cap
  • Increase max weapon damage
  • Increase max armor level

The "Everyone Has Different Preferences" Wishlist

  • More/Less Grind
The "Anet Already Made A Decision" sub-list
  • Smarter/Dumber mob AI
  • Close off Droknar's Run
  • Level requirement for Armor

The Legitmate Lists

Interface Wishlist

  • Energy bar in party window
  • Rearrange member order in party window
  • "Skill-bar Sets" & "Attribute Sets", to quickly alter between pre-defined builds

AI Management Wishlist

  • Simple pet commands
  • Simple Henchman commands
  • Simple Ally "advices" (they might have a script/personality to adhere to despite the "advice" given)

Greed Wishlist

  • Bigger Storage
  • Guild Storage
  • One Character Slot per Profession
  • One Character Slot per Profession + 1 (for PvP)
  • More content (Weapon/Armor/Quest/Mission/Races/Areas/Classes/Attribute/Skills/Pets)