Power Warrior Mage
Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 20

Info about me:

Things I'd like to see in-game:

  • An NPC who allows you to change your avatar (sex, facial features, hair etc).
  • A scrimmage system that will give you the choice "Award Prize Scrimmage" and it is 1vs1. After the players have set in their cash, and one loses the fight the loser can't decide "redo, unfair, practice run".
  • It would be great if Nightfall and Factions were run-able.
  • There should be a limit on which country has favor for how long. Europe has it 3/4 of the time and other countries hate it. They should get favor for 1-2 hours after winning it, then be unable to get it for 1-2 hours after they had one. Then when the go to the Hall of Heroes right after it'd say "You have had favor too recently, even if you win this, favor will be awarded to another region." (Then there would be a battle excluding the Europe players who had been teleported back to the outpost.

My dream skill:

Stance. Gain 1000 health, 100 health regeneration, +400 max energy, +8000 armor and lose all hexes and conditions. You become immune to all spells and all attacks against you miss. You can't be knocked down. You have a 950 damage reduction. All skills you use cost 25 less energy to cast and do not cause exhaustion. All of your skills cast 150,000% faster. Whoever targets you is stripped of all enchantments and then struck for 800,000 damage, this damage bypasses all enchantments, environment effects, spiritual effects, weapon spells and item spells. This stance cannot be stripped at all. This stance will not end until you leave the map. If any damage passes and hits you, it is negated and you gain it as health. Degeneration you recieve is converted to regeneration. You may attack allies and foes alike. Your weapon recieves a +60000 damage modification that applies permanently, even after this stance is ended.

My builds:

  • Team - 33/SS (This is my new revolutionary replacement for the extremely popular 55/SS method of dualing The Underworld and aquiring the player decided currency - Glob of Ectoplasm to make alot of money. I will be famous after this :D)

Previous builds created on this wiki that I have archived:

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