I'm a member of the Phyrexian War Machine [PWM] guild. We have epic vanquishing parties, epic dance parties, and dish out epic pwnage 24/7. Awesome things we've done include:

  • Clearing the Underworld with 3 reapers dead
  • Clearing Sorrow's Furnace with a 4-man team
  • Making a successful FoW crafting run with a 3-man team
  • Clearing the Tombs with a 4-man team in under an hour
  • NEW: Killing Dhuum Here are some pics from our EPIC [PWM] LAN!!

UWrun before The Ice Wastes Quest Sucks And We Werent Even In Hard Mode Horsemen downed by PWM PWM More Dryders Down
Dhuum Is A Scary Mofo PWM Circles Around The Kill Zranking Dhuum PWM UW Chest

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