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  • I am Male (he/him pronouns)

Hey, I'm Randomtime, I'm a sysop here. I'm sometimes known as "RT". If, for some bizare reason you'd like to talk to me, please leave a message on my talk page or email me if you'd like me to respond privately. You can also find me on the IRC channel most of the time when I'm online, usually under the nickname "RandomTime" but sometimes not.

I don't play Guild Wars that much, but if I am playing, my character name is When Do I Burn It.


I used to have a lot more of these, but now I don't. They were boring.

MissionIcon This user spends considerably more time on GWiki than on GW
:[ This user has turned EVIL!
35 This user is number 35 in Special:Mostlinked
Gem-icon>RT Gem's contest is much better than this users.
IRC This user frequents the #gwiki IRC channel.

These ones are probably boring too.


  • "You created a lot of userboxes" - The falling one
  • "I can definitely say he knows the policies" - Entropy
  • "RT, you're evil and i hate you" - `` on IRC
  • "I keep seeing you around" - Progr
  • "Has less contribs then me" - Gigathrash
  • "Dunno" Mr Ex Vandal
  • "Seems like a decent guy" - Gem
  • "perplexing" - Entropy
  • "Mind ending your sentences like the rest of us with a period?" Jennalee
  • "since he's acting as an authority, he get's to break the rules" - Jagre
  • "You appear to be the only person online whom I know" Isk8
  • "I wouldn't like you stalking me." - Jamster
  • "IMO RT is the best thing about warcraft" -oceandonkey11
  • "RT is where the most skilled players play." FootmenForLife
  • "I haven't got a clue about RT" - El_Nazgir


Hey, I'm RansomTime, I'm a member of the Volunteer Spam task force - which is a volunteer role in the Wikia community tasked with cleaning up vandalism and spam from wikis. Because of this, I might just be here to clean up and so might not stick around and edit regularly. I'm normally on the community IRC channel - and I also answer questions at the community forums. I edit regularly at GuildWars Wikia, UnAnswers and Community Central.

If you'd like to talk to me about anything I've done - please use my talk page. In the case of vandalism or spam, you can contact the VSTF on our IRC channel or on the VSTF Wiki.

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