Red Army Coat of Arms

I fight for the Red Army, you and your fascist Reich will be destroyed in the name of our glorious Mother Russia! URA URA URAAAAAAAA!

I need more coffee...and maybe a good steak.

Thought of the Whenever

Point Blank Shot works counter to good sense. If you're going to be that close to someone, you may as well stab them.


Eiríkr [edit]
Species: Devil
NA-icon Profession:Blackguard
Level:20 (50)


Eiríkr is the devil guardian of the Iron City of Dis, and is the most elite of Dispater's dark knights.


  • The Nine Hells of Baator
    • The Iron City of Dis

Skills Used

Items Dropped


  • This creature is known to make frequent excursions into the Material Plane, often tempting those in Tyria into the service of his dark lord.
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