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Rollerbeetle Racer Dance<--Courtesy of Nog64


  • Full Name: Kyler Nelson
  • Location: Washington, you know the soggy, bumpy top-left corner of the contigental U.S.
  • Age: N/A
  • Family: Mother, father, a triplet with a brother and a sister, Rosie, Duncan, and Crystal. (The last three our pets)



  • Owned Prophecies and Nightfall currently as of 3/4/07
  • Owned Factions currently as of 5/3/07
  • Owned Eye of the North currently at 9/5/07


  • I first bought Prophecies after my brother did. I used Shadow in front of my character's names because my cat, Duncan, means black shadow. So I used Shadow, and then my name backwards, like I do in other games, for my first character. I also used Rioc because it's a long derivation of Relyk to me. I couldn't find any suitable words for a ranger after shadow, after trying ranger, archer, bow, arrow, etc., and looked up finding Gandiva, which sounded cool, so I used it.
  • I bought Factions because of pressure from my peers and all the builds that required factions skills, places, and uses. I had to pay for half only because my mom decided to dive in since she buys my sister so many clothes.
  • Happy I was getting the BMP when I bought GWEN. I've also ought an extra slot for a PvP character.
  • All my characters are level 20 and I plan to never delete them, I'll just buy another slot for a Ritualist.
  • Just bought another Extra Character Slot, plan on doing Survivor Title for Ritualist.


162 ToT bags:

  • 7 Transmogrification Tonics
  • 29 Candy Corns
  • 34 Candy Apples
  • 34 Pumpkin Cookies
  • 14 Vials of Absinthe
  • 20 Squash Serums
  • 5 Ghost-In-The-Box
  • 23 Witch's Brews
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