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About Me

Quick Info

  • Name: Angela
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Maryland
  • Language: English
  • Occupation: Student/Programmer
  • Icon: Not a lot to explain... it's a picture of a heart, which was originally with a picture of a seal, but I didn't wanna crop the seal to be too small to see.

More Info

I haven't been playing Guild Wars all that long, but I started because a bunch of my friends did and I got tired of watching. Since then I've gone through several phases of playing Guild Wars intensely for a while and then drifting away, but I always come back. ^^
I currently specialize in making a ton of edits on my user page because I remain too fearful to edit the other pages of the wikia (except the one time I was useful in adding some armors to the obsidian category because they weren't), and then making the Admins coming and telling me I did it wrong so they have to clean up after me. Thanks Admins!
I'm pretty friendly (and not quite as girly as my user page might make you think :P), and if you need any help with anything I'd be glad to offer my help. I like making new friends in-game, so feel free to send me a message if you're bored or something.


I'm a member of a small guild who all know each other outside of the game and attend the same school, so we don't even need Vent for those late-night UW runs. I dedicate most of my game time to Renai Mu, as well as most of my money. In light of the Hall of Monuments becoming more account-based I've decided I want each character to beat at least one campaign and get at least one set of Elite armor, so that between all of my characters I'll have a complete Monument of Resilience.


The layout of this page and pretty much everything on my userpage was inspired (read: taken) from Dr Ishmael. He helped me with a fair bit of random advice tips. I did create all of the templates used on my character's pages, which is probably why they now take a while to load.

Wikia Friends

Titania La Fey


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