Air of Enchantment This userpage is on it's way to being a (metaphorical) tropical paradise.


1 This user likes Campaign One, Guild Wars Prophecies
2 This user likes Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions
3 This user loves Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall
4 This user loves Eye of the North
5 This user wants a Canthan expansion. Like Eye of the North but more like Eye of the South
Faction (Luxon) This user is a member of the Luxon alliance.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
?-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of Gibberish

This user is primarily a PvE player.

Mesmer-icon This user still loves his Mesmer.
Paragon-icon This user has overcome his grudge with his Paragon.
Air Symbol 2 This user loves Air Magic. (Fire Magic for the lose!)
15k armors userbox This user has 24 ascended armors.
Lump of Charcoal This user once found 10 lumps of charcoal!
Map OCD This user has a compulsive disorder to walk around the edges of maps.
0 Runs This user has never been ran anywhere.
/age This user has played for 28 months.
tsa This user is the leader of one of the smallest guilds that there ever was; The Scilliant Armigers.
! This user is still afraid of the Gate of Madness, but the others don't bother him anymore.
... This user writes far too much.
Shards of Orr The current bane of this user's existence is Fendi Nin.
Mungri Magicbox The bane of this user's existence was once Mungri Magicbox
MiniOniIcon This user desperately wants a Miniature Oni
MiniWindRiderIcon This user is collecting minipets. He has 17. (The cheapest ones available)
<3 This user wants Flowstone minipets to exist then he wants one.
:( Mission NPCs (those god-damned suicidal idiots you have to protect in missions) make this user sad.
:) Self ressurecting Mission NPCs in Eye of the North make this user happy.
Red Iris Flower This user likes Gwen now.
? Vael may be the best NPC ever and this user hopes he's in every bonus mission.
! This user has more userboxes in a secret location.
Userbox love This user married his userboxes and they're expecting the pitter patter of tiny userbox feet any month now.
Signet Rings Userbox Signets FTW


Under Construction


I'm trying to get as many titles as possible with my main character, Slite Breehz. It's a bit redundant as you have to wear Lightbringer now, but still. They're nice to have. See my progress here Slite Titles


I've spent a ridiculous amount of my time giving my characters complex backstories and occasionally complex frontstories and sidestories. Here they are in their unfinished glory. One day these stories will be finished and all will be right with the world.

Demands Requests

The main things I make ridiculous demands about are heroes and minipets and lately playable races. See this for a detailed list of what minipets I want and how they should have been implemented into the game.

With regards to heroes, I just generally want non-human ones. Specifically I want:

With regards to playable races I essentially want the exact same as the list above. With the emphasis on Onis. Or half Onis. Either is good.

(by the way thanks Anet for not requiring me to use Vekk and for a decent looking Mesmer hero. I'd still like an Oni hero though.)

Invented Skills

Warning: I am rubbish at balancing skills. Therefore all skills are presented as concept only.

For a reasonably comprehensive list of invented skills see here.

Joke Skills

Take these seriously at your peril.



Under Construction

Thought of the Day

  • If we have to capture elite skills from monsters where do they get them from?


  • Character layout from Tomoko.
  • Invented Skills box from Gold Dean, because I'm too much of an idiot to figure out how to do it myself.
  • Skill template from Poki
  • Title userboxes from Rainith.
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