This user is primarily a PvP player.

I am Rustjive. My changes are pretty much going to be PvP only.

  • Age: 22
  • In-Game Names: Rust Evariste, Rust Kreutz, Rust Ragequits Life, The Rust Project
  • Chapters: Prophecies/Factions/Nightfall
  • Rank 7: 2064 fame
  • Champion: 61 points
  • Gladiator: 152 points
  • Commander: 208 points
  • Faction: UAXed. 2,275,993 faction

Guild History

Divided into stages (pugs in italics, serious guilds in bold):

  • Xen of Sigils [XoO] - joined XoS when it first began. Accepted purely on the basis of having enough faction. Got my bambi with them, then left shortly after XoO Ladder lost in the GWWC regionals because of ladder folks taking over the guild and lenient recruitment policies that made for frustrating activity. Left with a bunch of friends to form Children of Xoo, designed as a joke spinoff guild that became a real spinoff guild. Peak rank: ~300 or so running grab 8 and go.

  • Children of XoO [CoX] - the spinoff guild that would live through several renamings and recruitment phases. RnD was the longest lived, and all in all I was with this guild for many months. Peak rank through all incarnations: ~75
    • Nucking Fub Cakes [CAKE]
    • Insert Guild Name [iGn]
    • Research and Development [RnD]

  • The Iron Throne [IRON] then [iT] - joined and got my Wolf with this guild, referred in by a friend. Left after I realized I had no specific burning desire to do Heroes Ascent.

  • Zergling Rush [keke] - first of a few starter guilds to die to inactivity. Noted for completeness.

  • Mail In Rebates [scam] - a short lived guild formed from the active members of Serpents of Darktide [serp], who I had guested extensively for. Died to inactivity. Peak rank: ~150
  • Negative Zero [nO] - commonly called the 'fake' nO, restarted with the help of a few members from [scam], who moved a few members over. Left after a few days because I had no interest in dealing starting guilds.
  • Super Secret Squad [Shhh] - friends first by way common guesting with [serp], and then just friends, I was in [Shhh] for a few weeks just as a temporary member. Peak rank: ~100 while I was in it.
  • Saving Private Rurik [SPR] - left [Shhh] to join a promising (at the time) guild with former Nu/FnlD/VoR members, which played 3 whole GvGs before finding out that 9 total members with West Coast American players and European players could not work.
  • Hot Asian Chicks [HoT] - joined HoT, referred by a friend. Stayed for a couple of weeks, before the guild imploded for reasons unknown and unrelated to me. Peak rank while I was in the guild: ~60-70

  • Quick Delivery [ebay] - pug guild. Noted for completeness
  • K A M E H A M E H A [DBZ] - pug guild. Noted for completeness
  • I Dont Know [idk] - pug guild. Noted for completeness
  • Xen of Onslaught Ladder [XoO] - When I joined, just before a month long hiatus, led by Rusty as a pug guild. Noted for completeness

  • Im Following You [Mush] - joined during my vacation. Left a few weeks after the end of my vacation, without playing with them. Truthfully, the only guild I have left on bad terms, although I have since resolved the issue.
  • Oodles of Noobles [oOo] - Rusty's guild, which essentially flamed out, from playing 20+ matches a day to less than 2 days of activity a weak. Peaked at rank ~30.
  • Imperial Deathsquad [IDS] - joined after guesting a few times with favorable results. Guild eventually decided to abandon Guild Wars as a game. Peaked at rank ~65 during my stay.

  • The Purple Slushies [purp] - pug guild. Noted for completeness
  • Irc Carebear Pug [gwp] - pug guild. Noted for completeness
  • Final Dynasty [FnlD] - Reformed with most the former Final Dynasty core, who had been housed in [Shhh] gradually after FnlD 3.0 died. Left when guild died of inactivity and internal guild problems. Peak rank: ~70
  • Cute Cuddly Kittens [Purr] - A guild of some of my friends and some IDS members, died due to inactivity. Peak rank: ~50

  • Its Over Nine Thousaaaaaaaaaa [aand] - A guild started by me and my friends, ended up where I did all the work and no one else did anything. Died to general frustration. Peak rank: ~40

  • Squee Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [yay] - Pugged with them. Australians named Benson suck. Noted for completeness

  • Rice Rice Revolution [Rice] - Tee's guild, which later merged with...
  • Something Clever [OoOo] - ...a TA guild, to form a hybrid type guild, which died right after the ladder unlock when the merger didn't work out.

  • Guess Who Fails at Game Balance [izzy] - A semi-selective pug. Australians named Benson still suck. Noted for completeness

  • Zero Files Remaining [LaG] - Joined the guild for 3 weeks, but when the celestial tournament came, I did not make the tourney roster... Peak rank: ~15

  • Winners Remorse [wR] - I joined wR for the tournament. 9th in the Celestial Tournament, losing to iPod in the first round of single elimination. 7-1 during Swiss with victories over InK, Err7, sM, TasH, iQ, Sc, THS, acid. Left after the tournament, when the leader left. Guild shortly afterwards disbanded.

  • There Is A Cow Level [cow] - Joined with a few others, played a few games, insta-benched, peaced. Oh, I suck at this game, what?
  • Team Everfrost [eF] - Didn't pay to get in! Idled my account in eF for a few days. I love Conzpi.
  • Team Quitter [QQ] - Idling my account right now.

  • Super Awesome Best Friends [yeye] - A pug guild.

- four month break -

  • Dwarven Stability [Ale] - found myself in here after lending my account out...
  • The Black Dye Cartel [~sad] - ...and joined up with some friends here.

  • Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx [RiP] - Core benchwarmer.
  • The Pirates of Pen Island [LoL] - A pug guild.
  • Delta Formation [DF] - #1 Core benchwarmer.


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