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About Me and My Characters

Name: SarahAnn.
Age: 31.
Location: North America.
Gender: Female
Began Playing A Day after it came out.

Ingame time: 161 Days (3,864 hours)
Guild: The Progeny Order.
Alliance: Kurzick.
Char Slots: 12.
Scored as a Mesmer on personality test.

Chars over 1 mill exp: 4.
Chars with all Primary Skills: 5.
Favorite Char: Monk.
Least Favorite Char: Dervish.
Char Priority: Mesmer.

Monk-icon-smallSpiritual Saviour Female Monk Builds Monk-icon-small

Spiritual Saviour
  • Mesmer-icon-small, Warrior-icon-small, Elementalist-icon-small, or Ritualist-icon-small secondary.
  • Born in Beetletun, Spiritual Saviour ran away at an early age to escape her abusive mother. She joined with a Caravan from Lions Arch and Traveled to Rin. She was caught stealing to feed herself and sent to Serenity Temple where she found her faith.
  • She wears Tattoos dyed White.
  • Spiritual uses a Kepkhet's Refuge and a Staff of the Forgotten.
  • She has aquired all Monk Skills.
  • In her travels she has fulfiled the Flameseeker Prophecies, Has saved Cantha from Shiro's return, and prevented Nightfall from spreading across Elona.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Gray Giant.

Warrior-icon-smallCrystal Bringer Female Warrior BuildsWarrior-icon-small


Elementalist-icon-smallShe Who Is Kesh Female Elementalist BuildsElementalist-icon-small

She-who is-Kesh
  • Monk-icon-small, Assassin-icon-small, or Mesmer-icon-small secondary.
  • Kesh was born to a Kurzick General who sent her to Brauer Academy for schooling. There she learned about the elements and arts. She graduated and moved on to Shing Jea Monastery where she fell in love with a young Luxon man. Fearing her fathers wrath she fled with him and got married in traditional luxon style. She confronted her father later at The Battle of Eternal Grove.
  • She Proudly wears Black Luxon Armor into battle.
  • Kesh uses a number of different staves to suit her mood.
  • She has aquired all Elementalist Skills.
  • In her Travels she has stormed the gates of Raisu Palace and conquered the God of Secrets.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Miniature Pig.

Necromancer-icon-smallServant of Nalar Female Necromancer BuildsNecromancer-icon-small

Servant of Nalar
  • Monk-icon-small, Mesmer-icon-small, or Ritualist-icon-small secondary.
  • Born in Bukdek Byway to an unwanting mother, she was sold to a man who intended to sacrafice her in a ritual dedicated to Grenth. The man was caught by Canthan Guards and she was sent to live in Shing Jea Monastery. There she was placed under Headmaster Nalar and began her studies in the Dark Arts. When Nalar retired she left the school and followed him as his student, servant, and lover.
  • She wears Sunspear Armor aquired in her travels through Elona.
  • In battle she wields different staves or wands depending on her mood.
  • She has aquired all Necromancer Skills.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Fungal Wallow.

Ranger-icon-smallLilith of Babylon Female Ranger BuildsRanger-icon-small


Mesmer-icon-smallSinful Apostate Female Mesmer BuildsMesmer-icon-small

Sinful Apostate
  • Necromancer-icon-small, Monk-icon-small, or Elementalist-icon-small secondary.
  • Born in the city of Makuun, Apostate was exposed to the arts at a young age. She learned quickly that people did not want truth, they only wanted to think that they knew it. She started acting to get her way and soon became very famous. While playing the role of a Sunspear she traveled to Istan to learn more of them and got caught up in a war when she was attacked by Kournan forces while rehearsing in Lahtenda Bog. She has an older sister named She Who Twirls.
  • She continues to wear the Sunspear Armor she was given for her play.
  • In Battle Sinful wields a Mindclouder and other assorted Staves.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Varesh Ossa.

Assassin-icon-smallWeeping Knives Female Assassin BuildsAssassin-icon-small

Weeping Knives
  • Monk-icon-small, Warrior-icon-small, Dervish-icon-small, or Ranger-icon-small secondary.
  • Weeping was born into the Ja Sing Assassin clan. As a child she played games of shadow, where one is to hide in plain sight, and not be seen. Her first solo contract came when she was 17. When she was caught she was stricken from the clan. Suspected of being a thief the Guards sent her to work in the imperial bordello. She soon escaped and has been traveling the world since.
  • She wears Exotic Armor she aquired soon after escaping.
  • To ply her trade she uses Darkroot's Daggers.

Ritualist-icon-smallSpectral Summons Female Ritualist BuildsRitualist-icon-small

Spectral Summons
  • Monk-icon-small, Necromancer-icon-small, Mesmer-icon-small, or Warrior-icon-small secondary.
  • Spectral Summons was born the bastard child to a canthan noblewoman who sent her to Shing Jea Monastery to be raised. She was told about her heritage when she turned 12 and began to summon her ancestors to learn more. When she was caught she was sent to Headmaster Quin for guidance. When the afflicted began to appear she was sent protect her mother.
  • Spectral wears Imperial Armor to show her heritage.
  • In Battle she wields different staves to fit her mood, For conversation with her ancestors she uses a Spiritbinder.
  • Spectral has aquired all Factions Skills.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Miniature Pig.

Paragon-icon-smallSister of Abaddon Female Paragon BuildsParagon-icon-small

Sister of Abaddon
  • Warrior-icon-small, Ranger-icon-small, or Monk-icon-small secondary.
  • A creature of Torment sent to infiltrate the Sunspears, this sister has achieved the rank of General. Not knowing her true purpose other than to lie in wait, she has been actively fighting allies of Abaddon without getting word of how to best serve him. It is unknown how long she will be able to remain loyal to Abaddon while fighting his forces.
  • This sister wears Elite Sunspear Armor to better blend in with those around her.
  • In battle she wields a Prayer of the Forgotten, The Darksong, or Tureksin's Spear and an Shagu's Anthem.
  • In her travels she has installed a new Goddess of Truth.
  • She has aquired all Paragon Skills.
  • Her Mini-Pet is a Miniature Pig.

Dervish-icon-smallShe Who Twirls Female Dervish BuildsDervish-icon-small

She Who Twirls
  • Warrior-icon-small, Monk-icon-small, or Elementalist-icon-small secondary.
  • Like her younger sister Sinful Apostate, Twirls was likewise born in the city of Makuun. However she was one of grace and not acting. Upon Graduating from dance school she began to travel the world, dancing for nobels in Kourna, Vabbi, and Istan. She was in Istan when she heard of her sister being attacked in Lahtenda Bog. She quickly canceled her appearences to go and protect her.
  • Twirls wears a combination of Elonian and Istani Armors while she dances.
  • In battle she wields a Soulbreaker.

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