La Introduction of d00m!!!1!1

Auspicious Parry Voulez-vous danser avec moi?
Scareth Sig This user is a total freak.
Animate Bone Minions What the Hell kind of Bone Minion does THIS look like?!
Awaken the Blood This user disagrees with what you just said. This user is giving you the harsh stare. Feel the stare.
Guildlord Proud member of the guild Reasons For Rebellion [Free].
Lukas Vasburg This user is a Goth Hippy, but managed to [again] find himself in a Luxon guild. *Sigh*

Brief is Just Another Way of Being Lazy

So like yeah, hello, 'n' stuff. :3
Gods I'm good at this.
I be Scareth, call me Scar, if you will.
In advance, I'm really, really, rather unbelievably weird. :x
So plx excuse my strange way of looking at things.
I'll probably only be making minor edits to the Wiki, mostly grammar, maybe adding a few notes in here 'n' there.
Let's see where that gets me, shall me? =D

In-game Characters

I can't be bothered with fancy layouts/style, that's for those 2kwl4skl.

  • Scareth Oeloth - N/Any - lvl. 20 - Most used character. Achieved all three Protector titles, and some others not worth mentioning. Dyed black Elite Kurzick, Elite Profane, and Elite Scar Pattern.
  • Thy Underseer - Mo/W - lvl. 20 - Sort of ok. Sometimes. Mostly used for the ocassional farm, and every now and then... *Whispers* Monking!
  • Vredesbyrd Purified - W/Mo - lvl. 20 - Seeeeriously. Why did I even make him? I best get Elite Kurzick armour soon, rather than just buying more Necro stuff. >_>"
  • Trey Valenta - Rt/N - lvl. 20 - The campest thing in the world. Purple Kurzick armour FTW? Aah, when I'm rich, Trey, we'll get you Elite..
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