Red thumbs down This Skill has been voted as Needs Effective Reduction to Firepower (NERF).

Several users of GuildWiki have formed a consensus that this Skill is overpowered and badly needs an update from Anet.

How to use this Template

Insert the following text:

{{User:Shadowcrest/templates/nerf|Thing needing nerf|Fault 1|Fault 2|Fault 3|Fault 4|Fault 5|Fault 6|Fault 7|Fault 8|Fault 9|Fault 10}}

  • The first argument, the Thing that needs nerf, will default to "Skill" if no argument is given. Fill it in with things like "weapon", "spell", "signet", "event", "monster", etc.
    • Important: Do not wikify the first argument! It will be automatically done for you. Just make sure that the argument is a legitimate Wiki article, such as Skill or Sword.
    • To link to an article via a different linkname - for example [[Range|Earshot]], use the Pipe template instead of the "|". Example:
    • {{User:Shadowcrest/templates/nerf|Range{{!}}Earshot|fault 1|fault 2}}
  • The other arguments, Faults, are optional - you can include anywhere from one to ten. They may be fully Wikified if you wish, but don't add bulletpoints as they are already included in the template.


The template is an edited version of Entropy's LAME template.
May also be used with Entropy's Improvement template.

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