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My Characters

  • N/Mo 20: Test Subject Bleed

The experimental skillset for the unloved elite: (N/any) (Blood Magic: [12+1+3] Curses: [12+1] Soul Reaping: [Whatever is left]

Vampiric Gaze Awaken the Blood Life Siphon Faintheartedness Insidious Parasite Well of Blood Well of Power Sunspear Rebirth Signet

MM: (N/Mo) (Death Magic: [12+3+1] Soul Reaping: [8+1] Healing Prayers: [9])

Animate Bone Horror Deathly Swarm Blood of the Master Animate Shambling Horror Order of Undeath Healing Breeze Heal Area Rebirth


Sunspear Castellan (8) Cartography: Tyria, 60%

I hate playing PvE when people equip "What Res?"

(These ones are unloved:)

  • R/N 12: Faded To Grey
  • W/Mo 20: Meatloaf Of Kittens
  • E/ 6: Tainted Grey
  • Me/ 9: Minghtmares Of Grey
  • Mo/ : Testsubject Greys