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Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.
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zh-4 這位用戶能以接近母語程度的中文交流。
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Introducing Myself

Hello everyone, I am a veteran Guild Wars player, who has played Guild Wars since the 2004 WPE and all subsequent betas. However, since I do not play as seriously as some, I am still very 'newb' in some areas.

Guild Wars is a game that continues to evolve, introducing new elements, and taking out old ones. For all this, it lacks a monthly fee! I think it is an MMO unique among all the MMO's out there.

When Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall came out, there was so much new information, that I was suspicious of simply asking around-I preferred to look at more "published" sources.

GuildWars Wikia's existence was a surprise to me-I had never known people would make a whole encyclopedia, just for a video game. I stumbled upon it while Googling some Guild Wars information-and my eyes were opened to Aladdin's Cave of Wonders!

Once I got a bit more comfortable with the site, and given the free nature of the wiki, I had started to edit some articles, especially the monster stubs. I finally decided to register an account on here, so I could have a clear record of how I've contributed to this wiki :D

I am still very very new to how all this coding works, so I won't do anything fancy here, like other users have done (at least, not until I've figured out the coding more!)


P.S-I use the same name on the official wiki-Swordfish56

Personal Project

I think I will make dealing with Category:Monster stubs my main role here.

Monster Stubs that Need Pictures

Help With This Project!

This is the official page, but its not well updated. I prefer the way my list is set up in some ways. Anyone who can help, please do! Link:GuildWars Wikia:Monster images project. If a monster on my list gets its picture taken, feel free to strike it off the list above.

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