My Characters


The Masquerader - Primary Character

  • Profession: Mesmer
  • Level: 20
  • Legendary Spearmarshal
  • Elonian Protector (20/20)
  • Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer: 100% Explored
  • Elonian Elite Skill Hunter 140/140
  • Protector of Cantha (13/13)
  • Completed Eye of the North in Normal Mode and Hard Mode
  • Not Too Foolish (Asura Rank 9)
  • Epic Delver (Deldrimor Rank 9)
  • Slayer of Champions (Norn Rank 8)
  • Revered Lightbringer (Rank 7)
  • Conqueror of the North (Rank 4)
  • Currently working on Vanquisher title in Elona (28/34)

  • Has unlocked all heroes except Razah

  • The armor is Vabbian (except for the boots) dyed black & brown. I have the Vabbian boots too, but I think she looks better with these ones.


Mistress Anorrweyn: she is my first character, a Necro :). She was two missions away from finishing the Nightfall campaign, when some Mirage Ibolgas made me so angry I decided to switch to Mesmer.

User Boxes

Arcane Languor This user is a Female and she can cause Exhaustion.
Mesmer Icon This user is a Mesmer by nature.
Ethereal Burden This user gets angry when people beg for money.
Mind Wrack This user wants to blow your mind.
Pain Inverter This user likes suicidal foes.
Stolen Speed This user might hex you if you get too close.
Lockpick This user loves lockpick drops.
Energy Surge This user likes to fill the screen with yellow numbers.
Cry of Frustration This user gets everyone frustrated.
Wastrel's Demise Wastrel puzzles this user.
Tease This user likes to tease elementalists.
Illusion of Haste Someday this user will run to Droknar's Forge.
Shame This user thinks people who don't put credits on their user pages should be ashamed.


I've created these user boxes using the template. However, I think I have seen somewhere a box similar to the "This user is a -Mesmer- by nature". I can't really remember where, but if someone feels I should credit them for it, please tell me.

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