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This article was written by a Communist.

In Soviet Russia, template adds YOU!!

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About Me

Comp Sci student in Montreal.


Me/Any Interrupter

Enchantment Reference

Fit Frustration into an interruption build.

Current Characters

(in order of creation)

Enith Leomar

E/Me (started E/Mo)


Norana Leto


Ascended, now on Ring of Fire island and working through SF.

Curse and Domination magic (Faintheartness, Parasitic Bond, Enfeeble, Mark of Pain, Spiteful Spirit, Cry of Frustration, Backfire, Res Signet)

Against mobs with anoying enchantements, swap Mark of Pain for Strip Enchantement. When SF farming, swap Res Signet for Awaken the Blood.

Weilding a collector Truncheon and Vilnar's Glove or a Stonereaper for Cursing, a Hale Ghostly Staff of Enchanting for Orders and a Bortak's Staff for Minions Army purposes

Got her a spiffy gold Tormentor's Armor (15k) which you can see there (updated the screen shots with better quality)

Lumiere Du Matin


Lvl 20, Ascended, Ring of Fire Island

3 different setups:

  • Healer (orison, *word, touch, breeze, divine healing, mend condition, smite hex, restore life) (divine: 12+1, healing: 12+2)
  • Bonder (blessed signet, life barrier, essence bond, protective spirit, mand condition, remove hex, rebirth, etc.)
  • Prot - Condition/Hex Removal (*offering of blood, reversal, protective spirit, shielding hands, divine intervention, mend condition, remove hex, restore life)

Weilding The Yakslapper

Ombre Du Crepuscule


Lvl 20, Titans' Quests, Having fun in Cantha (Killed that b*** Shiro, finally)

Wearing Canthan 15K or Enchanter's 15K

Switching between lots of different builds (IW, degen, migraine-based anti caster, interupter, energy denial, ...)

Weilding Vokur's Cane and The Rockmolder for illusion and The Willcrusher for domination.

Often seen farming Etins for runes in Kryta, using a earth magic machine gunner type of build.

I'm glad the mesmer runes are cheap :)

Nuance De Neant


Lvl 20 Bested Shiro, maybe I'll go have some fun in Tyria now.

Wearing Kurzick 15K or Luxons 15K

Featured here and here thanks to Ledrug

Reflet Du Styx


Lvl 20

Done with Factions

Fureur De Tempete


Lvl 20

Booo Abaddon!

Couleur De Colere


Lvl 20: Bone Palace


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