GuildWars Wiki

I've only made a few contributions to the wiki so far, but I've been playing almost from the start after being introduced to the game by my brothers. I play my assassin the most, but use all the characters fairly often.

My character names are based off of David Weber's Oath of Swords series, with names for the gods used first:

Male Paragon (Survivor): Tomanak Orfo
Ranger: Chemalka Orfressa
Fighter: Chesmirsa Orfressa
Dervish: Erlis Rahnafressa
Elementalist: Khalifrio Orfressa
Assassin: Krahana Phrofressa
Paragon (Survivor, 11th level): Leeana Hanafressa
Monk: Lillinara Orfressa
Mesmer: Maretha Kerafressa
Necromancer (Survivor, no longer progressing): Silendros Orfressa
Ritualist (Survivor): Yalith Tamalfressa