I borrowed these tables from Gem. For the Vanquisher[1] title.

Factions Nightfall Eye of the North EotN Dungeons
Area Done
Shing Jea Island
Haiju Lagoon NA-icon-small
Jaya Bluffs Yes
Kinya Province Yes
Minister Cho's Estate NA-icon-small
Panjiang Peninsula Yes
Saoshang Trail Yes
Sunqua Vale Yes
Zen Daijun NA-icon-small
Kaineng City
Bukdek Byway Yes
Nahpui Quarter Yes
Pongmei Valley NA-icon-small
Raisu Palace NA-icon-small
Shadow's Passage Yes
Shenzun Tunnels NA-icon-small
Sunjiang District NA-icon-small
Tahnnakai Temple NA-icon-small
Wajjun Bazaar Yes
Xaquang Skyway NA-icon-small
Echovald Forest
Arborstone Yes
Drazach Thicket Yes
The Eternal Grove Yes
Ferndale Yes
Melandru's Hope Yes
Morostav Trail Yes
Mourning Veil Falls Yes
Jade Sea
Archipelagos NA-icon-small
Boreas Seabed NA-icon-small
Gyala Hatchery NA-icon-small
Maishang Hills NA-icon-small
Mount Qinkai NA-icon-small
Rhea's Crater Yes
Silent Surf Yes
Unwaking Waters Yes
Area Vanq.
Cliffs of Dohjok Yes
Fahranur, The First City NA-icon-small
Issnur Isles Yes
Lahtenda Bog NA-icon-small
Mehtani Keys NA-icon-small
Plains of Jarin Yes
Zehlon Reach NA-icon-small
Arkjok Ward NA-icon-small
Bahdok Caverns NA-icon-small
Barbarous Shore NA-icon-small
Dejarin Estate NA-icon-small
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon NA-icon-small
Gandara, the Moon Fortress NA-icon-small
Jahai Bluffs NA-icon-small
Marga Coast NA-icon-small
Sunward Marches NA-icon-small
Turai's Procession NA-icon-small
Forum Highlands NA-icon-small
Garden of Seborhin NA-icon-small
The Hidden City of Ahdashim NA-icon-small
Holdings of Chokhin NA-icon-small
The Mirror of Lyss NA-icon-small
Resplendent Makuun Yes
Vehjin Mines NA-icon-small
Vehtendi Valley NA-icon-small
Wilderness of Bahdza NA-icon-small
Yatendi Canyons NA-icon-small
The Desolation
The Alkali Pan Yes
Crystal Overlook Yes
Joko's Domain Yes
Poisoned Outcrops Yes
The Ruptured Heart Yes
The Shattered Ravines NA-icon-small
The Sulfurous Wastes Yes
Area Vanq. Mapped
Far Shiverpeaks
Bjora Marches NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Drakkar Lake NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Ice Cliff Chasms Yes NA-icon-small
Jaga Moraine NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Norrhart Domains Yes Yes
Varajar Fells Yes NA-icon-small
Charr Homelands
Dalada Uplands Yes NA-icon-small
Grothmar Wardowns Yes Yes
Sacnoth Valley NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Tarnished Coast
Alcazia Tangle Yes Yes
Arbor Bay NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Magus Stones Yes Yes
Riven Earth Yes Yes
Sparkfly Swamp NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Verdant Cascades Yes NA-icon-small
Dungeon NM HM
Far Shiverpeaks
Catacombs of Kathandrax Yes NA-icon-small
Rragar's Menagerie NA-icon-small Yes
Cathedral of Flames Yes Yes
Ooze Pit Yes NA-icon-small
Darkrime Delves NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Frostmaw's Burrow NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar Yes NA-icon-small
Raven's Point Yes NA-icon-small
Vloxen Excavations NA-icon-small Yes
Bogroot Growths Yes NA-icon-small
Bloodstone Caves Yes NA-icon-small
Shards of Orr Yes NA-icon-small
Oola's Lab NA-icon-small NA-icon-small
Arachni's Haunt Yes NA-icon-small
Slaver's Exile Yes NA-icon-small
Fronis Irontoe's Lair Yes Yes
Secret Lair of the Snowmen Yes Yes
Heart of the Shiverpeaks Yes NA-icon-small
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