Well, about me. my wife and two sons play GW with me. We're all in the same Guild, mostly do PvE because my boys don't have fun in the PvP arenas, and my few forays into them were not alot of fun. my 2nd Birthdays will start cycling through in Feb, while my wife has played for about 3 years. both my sons will have their 1st Birthdays in April, and my youngest son is eagerly anticipating his first minipet.

Aside from my family, we have 2 other active Guild members and about 8 who haven't played in recent history. our Guild was formed from an old AvP2 clan that my wife has been a member of for a little over 3 years, and we were asked to take command of it when the last leader was forced to resign due to RL issues. GW and CoD series are the games we are into now that AvP2 died, with GW being played most often by my family.

These are the characters i have:

W/E - Braezna Tintare my first char, hammer with water armor spells. mostly storage now (other guild member and my son are both Wars, so i became unnecessary as one. liked my Para better anyway  ;))

P/Me P/?? - Trazan Palamir is my main. have beaten all 4 expansions with him and am now going through them all in HM. started as P/Me, but mostly runs as slightly modified Imbagon anymore when not capping skils for different profession.

A/R A/Me - Tzalaran Smitzeez used to be my main. got sick of the Afflicted owning him with their explosions, but still play him more than the rest aside from Trazan

Mo/E Mo/Me Mo/?? - only character i brought through Prophecies, and maybe monking through Proph made me dislike it the most. i only play him when invincimonking anymore, but for a long time i Protted for anyone who would take me. mostly made a monk because of how easy it was to get into FoW UW groups as a monk 18 months ago... boy that changed...

N/RT N/Me - my favorite to play, and first char to beat an expansion (Factions). My youngest son has a necro, so i get to play him rarely if ever anymore, but my wife 55s while i SS in UW and FoW when we feel like a change from HM vanquishing

E/Me - my Jolly Green Giant. (He's as big as a toon can be in the game, and i had an excess of green dyes so his armor was dyed green, plus my kids die laughing when i start singing the song when blowing stuff up... 'Giant of the Garden, Garden of the Valley, Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.' showed my age there i suppose.) fire ele who i made in NF, but beat Factions first. i hated being an ele for a long time, but recently the guy has grown on me. used this char to take my boys through Factions. will be working on him to get terra tank builds next, and he is also my kurz title grinder now that my Para can't HFFF in Melandru's anymore. (thank dog they changed that... lol)

Me - my presearing char. made this guy when my sons got the game, and left him in presearing to assist them with any chars they started in Proph. been thinking about advancing him recently because i find Mesmers to be great fun...

Rt/Mo - only lv 12, and i just got sick of playing him. the only char i have that is still a candidate for Survivor. mostly storage anymore.

D - only level 8ish. just don't care for playing dervishes. made this char when my boys made Paragons, but their Paras got deleted so i have no one to play with for this guy so he just holds all the good Scythes and other Dervish items until i get bored with everything else, or need to expand my dervish skills for heroes.

My wife's main is her Ele. after that she plays her monk most, and also has a ranger, necro, and a few low levels. My oldest son plays a wammo mostly, but he gets grounded from the computer often so hasn't completed much of the game. Has beaten Proph and is about halfway through Factions. My youngest son plays a necro mostly. initially wanted to be MM, but then got frustrated because of how slow they are. now runs a curses necro with a wide array of skills that don't always make sense, but are usually fun for him. He has beaten Proph and NF (NF he beat by himself except for the final two missions, which my wife and i helped him with), and is to the Raisu Palace mission in Factions (We'll beat that this weekend).

great family time in GW for us. We finally bought the boys all the expansions because we got sick of them watching over our shoulders all the time, and decided that they should play their own. For christmas this past year both boys got RAM upgrades in their ancient computers, so now they don't have the first battle lag syndrome and enjoy playing much more than they used to.

Its been nice to see all the other married couples who play the game when reading the discussion pages, and made me feel that i should let them know that there was another family who games together. I'll help out where i can on the Wiki, but generally feel that there are more knowledgeable people than me about this game, so i won't be doing much until my comfort level improves.

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