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Who am I?

I am an officer of SiC (Sleepless in Cyberspace) guild and have played Guild Wars since it's public release in the US. I currently play on both Factions and Prophecies campaigns and am eagerly looking forward to Nightfall. I associate myself with my primary character Vallen and often use his name on many forums, etc. Not to mention we do have a strange resemblance (minus the pony tail hair-doo) and a preference for the bow.

The below character info is a little outdated. For current info about me or my characters check out my userpage on the Official Guild Wiki.

Personal Note:

After many failed attempts to improve this wiki and having them thwarted then later ressurected by others to succeed I will be more active on the Official Wiki (very petty I know). I have grown weary of debate here as I only repeat myself to be ignored or misunderstood and then have common knowledge recited back at me and watch as others restate the same info I already suggested months previous and have a different response. I hope my reputation isn't that bad that my donations are considered not credible upon suggestion (no LordBiro, this isn't referencing you what so ever) or that people have something against me and are only spiting me by countering these ideas. Some of the authority figures here also seem a little drunk with thier powers and have become a little more "I know best" more than "I represent the public but will take a stand if needs be." I have therefore decided that I will move to the Official Wiki for helping things out, though I will check on this wiki frequently. I am not pointing fingers at anyone and not accusing all of those in authority, nor am I looking for pity, I am just telling it as it is, how I feel, and how it has been for a long time. I still hope things work out here and I apologize for any that I may have offended by this information though it's very possible I'm not talking about you. If you wish to talk to me please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page here or on the Official Wiki as I always encourage communication, especially to avoid misunderstanding. Thank you for visiting my user page.

Active Characters

Vallen Druids.jpg

Vallen Frostweaver

Read the Wind.jpg Ranger/anything

  • Level 20+ Tyrian
  • Height/Sex: Medium Male
  • Armor:

Favorite Builds:

In PvE:

  • [[Build:R/Me_Feverish_Archer|'''Current general PvE build:''']]
Fevered Dreams Apply Poison Pin Down Concussion Shot Screaming Shot Throw Dirt Troll Unguent Resurrection Signet
  • Tanking
Troll Unguent Healing Signet Escape Shield Stance Whirling Defense "Watch Yourself!" Apply Poison Cyclone Axe
  • B/P Tombs
Recuperation Life Barrage Disrupting Lunge Call of Protection Comfort Animal Charm Animal Flesh of My Flesh
Destruction Splinter Weapon Barrage Disrupting Lunge Call of Protection Comfort Animal Charm Animal Flesh of My Flesh
  • Trapping UW with 2 man team
Spike Trap Dust Trap Barbed Trap Flame Trap Quickening Zephyr Troll Unguent Whirling Defense Rebirth
Spike Trap Dust Trap Barbed Trap Flame Trap Viper's Nest Edge of Extinction Energizing Wind Rebirth
  • A Ranger's role in Rotscale farming
Troll Unguent Apply Poison Screaming Shot Broad Head Arrow Distracting Shot Dodge Zojun's Haste Lively Was Naomei
  • Beast Master
Troll Unguent Enraged Lunge Predator's Pounce Call of Haste Call of Protection Comfort Animal Charm Animal Generic resurrect
  • Fire-and-Forget Caster Dazer
Troll Unguent Apply Poison Broad Head Arrow Disrupting Lunge Call of Haste Comfort Animal Charm Animal Generic resurrect
  • Burning Barrage
Glyph of Lesser Energy Mark of Rodgort Barrage Conjure Flame Fire Attunement Optional Optional Resurrection Signet

In PvP/AB:

Troll Unguent Enraged Lunge Predator's Pounce Predatory Bond Call of Haste Comfort Animal Charm Animal optional
Alueth Resura.jpg

Alueth Resura

Healing Breeze.jpg Monk/Necromancer

  • Finish 15 point attribute quests
  • Capture more elites as she only has 1.
Teyyah Aermane.jpg

Teyyah Aermane

"Watch Yourself!".jpg Warrior/Ranger

Pandora Valencia.jpg

Pandora Valencia

Conjure Phantasm.jpg Mesmer/Ranger

Rina Seraph.jpg

Rina Seraph

Recuperation.jpg Ritualist/Elementalist

Vallena Frostweaver.jpg

Vallena Frostweaver

"We Shall Return!".jpg Paragon/Warrior

Haley Frostweaver.jpg

Haley Frostweaver

Vital Boon.jpg Dervish/undecided


Current submissions:

Vetted submissions:

Read the Wind.jpg"Watch Yourself!".jpg [[Build:R/W_Stance_Tank|R/W Stance Tank]]

Read the Wind.jpgConjure Phantasm.jpg [[Build:R/Me_Feverish_Archer|R/Me Feverish Archer]]

Read the Wind.jpg [[Build:R/any_General_Interrupter|R/any General Interrupter]]

Read the Wind.jpg [[Build:R/any_General_Barrager|R/any General Barrager]]



Contacting me

I can usually be reached in game between 7:00 pm - 10:00pm (GMT -5) weekdays and later on weekends though my play days are erratic at best. Otherwise, please feel free to leave any comments/questions on my talk page but don't expect replies over the weekends as I am usually playing or away from a computer.

VallenIconwhitesmall.JPG Vallen Frostweaver (contributions)


Please forgive my use of anyone's style/format info as it took me many clicks on other's pages before figuring out some of this wiki-code and I appreciate the info though I'm sorry I didn't write down all your usernames in my early days when I started this though I am sure I have been inspired by some of Gem's work at the least (I mean I did take his work and paste it directly onto my talk page for example).

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