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Notable Records

  • Highest gold value for an item: 573 gold for a Blessed Chalice with SMTM.
  • Largest single item sold to merchant (by me): Gold Shadow Staff for 440 gold.
  • Largest number of materials from a "highly salvageable" item: 110 BONES. Honorable Mentions: 75 wood planks, 43 iron ingots, 20 bolts of cloth, and 10 steel ingots.
  • In a full party with 7 henchmen, wandering about the Archipelagos, Xiao decides to be a Jade Sea explorer. In some sort of streak of strange fortune, she was given 3 gold Naga armor (40,40,40) drops, unlocking Superior Marksmanship, Restoration, and Dagger Mastery.
  • With only two monks, an elementalist, and a ranger, we completed Defend the Temple of War. With only two monks, an elementalist, and a necromancer, we successfully, single-handedly defeated a Dragon Lich.
  • Cervantes "tamed" a life-sized Jade Armor.
  • Danika, a Touch Ranger, and a team full of henchmen finished the Sunjiang District Mission in 13:42.


Characters   Etymology
Danika of Avalon   Named after a character and elements from Ogre Battle (SNES) and Ogre Battle 64.
Xiao Meiyan   Name means (roughly) "Little Beautiful Bird".
Lenneth Dawnbringer   Only has the best name ever made. A combination of Valkyrie Profile and Magic: The Gathering.
Cervantes Saavedra   Ever play Soul Calibur? If only Guild Wars had dual-wielding...
Countess of Danika   She holds weapon mods for Danika. Counts'em and counts'em well.
Sigrun Steyr   Valkyrie name + Gun manufacturer = Alliteration! Too bad that's all.
Lady Aoife   Uh...mule.
Dervish   Got name but never got around to making her.

Treasure time!

Issnur Isles(Map)
Mehtani Keys(Map)
Arkjok Ward(Map)
Jahai Bluffs(Map)
Bahdok Caverns(Map)
The Mirror of Lyss(Map)
The Hidden City of Ahdashim(Map)
Forum Highlands(Map)
The Sulfurous Wastes(Map)
The Ruptured Heart(Map)
Domain of Pain(Map)
Nightfallen Jahai(Map)
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