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WTF WIKIA?!?!?!?

                    x = y
                   xy = y^2
             xy - x^2 = y^2 - x^2
          x * (y - x) = (y + x) * (y - x)
x * (y - x) / (y - x) = (y + x) * (y - x) / (y - x)
                    x = y + x

         If x = 1 and y = 1, then
                    1 = 1 + 1

                    1 = 2

There's a fallacy in the above, which is why it doesn't work. It's hidden by comments - edit to see.


My PvXWiki page

If I mention anything about being an admin and you're confused, I'm a bureaucrat on PvXwiki (not here).

An awesome-sauce, ongoing contest

/Sandbox, /monobook.js, /monobook.css for my convenience.

Contact Me

Email and MSN -

IGN - Will Heal For Pie


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What I do on GuildWiki

I sometimes contribute to articles when I spot something that needs adding or fixing or whatnot and often comment on talk pages, but where I thrive is in my ability to act like a bot for hours on end. I can do tedious, repetitive tasks that need to be done but can't be done by a bot (such as tagging screenshots with the {{screenshot}} template - bots can't tell a screenshot apart from any other picture). This tends to make recent changes unusable (see above userbox), a fact which entertains me :P


  • Policies
  • Current RfAs
  • Admin Noticeboard

  • Useful copy-pasting:

Layout stolen from Defiant Elements ^_^


  • Real first name: Eric
  • My username: was my runescape character name. It just kinda stuck. Even though it's been years since I played runescape ^_^.
  • Birthday: May 16
  • Age: 19
  • General Region where I live: Northeast Ohio. Where it snows in mid-April. Or New York when I'm at school.
  • Hobbies: Being awesome, Guild Wars, Chess, Programming, Reading, Eating, Sleeping, Breathing, Existing, Pumping blood through my arteries, Drinking (water, I'm only 19), annoying losers, redefining the word 'loser', cracking corny jokes. If you read all the way through that list, you're a loser. Get a life :P
  • Social Security Number: 666-42-1337
  • IP address:

My Current Guild

I'm currently a member of Droknars Dragon Lords [DDL]

Also, we own a town, so I can buy cheap lockpicks ^_^