HM This user is very happy with Hard mode,PVE FTW!
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

Warrior-icon This user is a Warrior by nature.

Entropy This user mostly copies userboxes from entropy.

EC-Y This user gets into a lot of Edit Conflicts.

Insidious Parasite This users private guard
1 This user plays Campaign One,
Guild Wars Prophecies.

2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.

3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.

EYE This user plays the Expansion Eye Of The North.

Blood is Power This user respects Emos

Rollerbeetle Dash This user loves Rollerbeetle Racing!

[SINS] This user is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins Alliance

[HERO] This user is a member of the Heroes Of Old Guild

(>")> This user likes to make Kirby on the computer <("<)

PvX This User plays both PvE and PvP.

Mini sw This user is a Star Wars fan but prefers EU to the films.
All Prof Icon This user owns every skill in the game.
Rigor MortisChilblains They look very familar my eyes.
EchoPlague Touch Again, the similarities.
Way of the AssassinTainted Flesh I think ill stop here.
Creative This user believes ANet has a little problem with creativity
o_O Gigathrash is older than ValenTock who is younger than Xilarth The Wise and Lost-Blue who are younger than Marcopolo who is three years younger than Warwick who is the same age as Fighterbitsj yet a year older than Vipermagi, who is the same age as Misfate, and while Shadowcrest is the coolest person in this box for making it, he is much younger than Isk8, who is also older than Entrea Sumatae, who is the same age as Entropy, whose destiny is entwined with that of Felix Omni, yet Felix is still younger than both Jioruji Derako and Maui; however, JediRogue is one year younger than Isk8, and both are older than J Striker, who is approximately of the same age as Progger and Cress Arvein, though none of them are as old as Zulu or as young as Thoughtful, except Spam King, who is believed to be younger than RT, who is around the same age as Bored and Nova, who is younger than Dragnmn, though all three of them are sure to be younger than SWT. Believe it.
Diversion This user has ADD. Ooo, shiny!
Male Necromancer Dance ROCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are my important chars. All lvl 20, have max armor, and have at least one elite:

Warrior-icon-small Johny Sabertooth

Monk-icon-small Melissa Lightsmiter

Ritualist-icon-small Hades Only Fear

Assassin-icon-small Avis Jax

Dervish-icon-small Darmanis Calamitious

Other Stuff


Hells Precipece

No Photoshop, All In game

&quot;For Great Justice!&quot; This user is a member of The Warrior Union, a discussion about the warrior's sad place at the bottom of the teaming heap . The warriors will rise and triumph against all foes.Dervs and Sins, watch out

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