Xiu Kuro is just an alias. Please go to my Talk page if you have any questions.


XML 32nd

Victory in Ascalon Arena

  • Performed a winning streak of 34 wins. Screenshots after 32nd got corrupted, however. :(
    • Please note the skill Build. Yes, that was when I was very noob with the Monk, and I did not use the Priest of Balthazar to unlock anything useful for her. This is proof you do not need Elites to get a high winning streak, just luck to obtain great teammates to synergize with. :)
    • For curiosity's sake, our Ranger was part-Trapper. I do not recall what my other two teammates used.
      • Note that this happened during a time when less people brought game-breaking Elites like Illusionary Weaponry into the fold, breaking the fun of "newbies" learning PvP (at least in my opinion).
  • Gained exactly 666 Kurzick Faction in a Fort Aspenwood match :) Screenshot saved to HD for posterity and uploadable if anyone really cares to see it. Sorry, did a screenie cleanup days ago.
  • Finished most missions in at least 1/4 the time it'd take with a random PUG. Yes... I hate PUGs.

Current State

Right now: Hiatus

December 1, 2010: Not playing anymore due to school again. May come back, but right now, no real ties or reasons to.


In alphabetical order

Warrior-icon-small Kandrek Kuro (oldest Proph; medium priority)

Necromancer-icon-small Shaldrissa Darkwalk (newest NF; medium priority)

Paragon-icon-small Shin the Pocket (2nd newest NF; mule 1)

Ranger-icon-small Talya Rin (2nd oldest Proph; low/medium priority)

Elementalist-icon-small Vivi Oriniter (4th oldest Fact; medium priority)

Monk-icon-small Xiu Ming Ling (3rd oldest Proph; high priority)

Mesmer-icon-small Yukari Takuya (5th oldest Fact; mule 2)

NA-icon-small P V P Xiu (PVP char for testing/Fort Aspenwood Kurzick duties)


PC:1 This user has only got missions done right with Heroes and Henchmen.
guild=N This user is guildless and proud of it. Stupid people ftl.
busy This user has many gold items but no time or patience to sell them.
M?F This user is male despite using mostly female characters. Do not ask why.
EST This user lives in the Eastern Time Zone.
Simple Thievery This user 'borrowed' userbox code from someone.
Blessed Light This user mainly plays a Monk.
Shame This user believes PUGs should be outlawed.
Wandering Eye This user believes in Gwen/Pyre and calls it "Searshipping".
Inspirational Speech This user will not accept guild invites, but will happily put people on the Friend list.
Scroll of Berserker's Insight This user is a writer of poetry and fiction offline. Do not ask to see it.
Dragon Slash This user likes Swords.
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