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This user has spent 2392 hours in Guild Wars in 21 months (3.7 h/day).

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God Zefir

God Zefir

This is God...nuff said

  • Born: Tyria, 2006 as N/Me
  • Level: 20, Ascended
  • Skill Points: 375
  • Age: 1000h+
  • Deaths: 3000+
  • Armor: Elite Luxon and Norn
  • Prophecies Campaign: Completed
  • Factions Campaign: Completed
  • Nightfall Campaign: Completed
  • Eye of the North: Completed
  • Wields: The Stonereaper, Ghial's Staff
  • Standard Builds:
Blood Ritual Parasitic Bond Insidious Parasite Necrosis Arcane Echo Spiteful Spirit Signet of Lost Souls Sunspear Rebirth Signet

Dark Knight Zefir

  • Born: Tyria, 2007
  • Level: 20, Ascended
  • Skill Points: 111
  • Age: 70h+
  • Deaths: 125+
  • Armor: Ancient
  • Prophecies Campaign: Ice Caves
  • Factions Campaign: ---
  • Nightfall Campaign: To the Gates of Desolation
  • Eye of the North: ---
  • Wields: Hourglass Staff
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