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Zerris Wallpaper.JPG

  • A beautiful screen from pre-searing that I use as my Wallpaper occasionally.

Zerris Wallpaper 2.JPG

Zerris Wallpaper 3.JPG

Zerris Explosive Dwarves.JPG

  • Hey, friendly Dwarves! Wait, why do their hats look like fuses? Uh oh...

Zerris Fireworks.JPG

  • The traditional after-party fireworks.

Zerris Wurm Feast.JPG

  • And the traditional after-party being eaten alive by Wurms.

Zerris Hungry Joe.JPG

  • Joe was Very Very Very Very Hungry today.

Zerris Elite Dirt.JPG

  • Throw Dirt, the best Elite Skill in the game.

Zerris Gladiator 180 Monk.JPG

  • Gladiator Point for the 180 Monk!

Zerris Flawless Echo Mending.JPG

  • Or, even better...


  • Wammos.... *sighs*

Zerris Five Legged Ettin.JPG

  • Behold the magical Five-Legged Ettin!

Zerris Head on Fire.JPG

  • My head is on Fire! My head is on Fire! Help Help Help!

Zerris Red Wins.JPG

  • Just think about it.

Zerris Tree Dance.JPG

  • Pay no attention to the naked man in the tree.

Zerris Jahai Rat.JPG

  • A very large Rat.

Zerris Bananas.JPG

  • Look out! The Bananas are coming!