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  • JediRogue

    I don't know how I missed all the buzz about "Oasis" coming up but I'm surprised how it snuck up on me. As an old admin and formally a major contributor here, I have to have an opinion on all this. And I do, but I need to think.

    But I wanted to get a few things out before everyone goes totally crazy.

    1. I'm using the new skin now and I don't see ANY ads besides one on the main page. On here or elsewhere on Wikia
    2. Monobook is not going anywhere as an option for logged in users who set their preferences
    3. I'd give this look a chance before going soooo extreme and "moving"
    4. We freaked out over Monaco and got used to that.
    5. I have concerns too but I wouldn't say this is the end of the world

    These are just some of my gut feelings after going through a lot of st…

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