We have achievements now, and they can be customized (admins only). The customized badges are listed at Project:Achievements.

Read more about achievements at Help:Achievements. If you want to get competitive, check out Special:Leaderboard.

Customized achievement tracks so far

  • It Started with a Quill...
  • Scribe
  • Pro Scribe
  • Mad Scribe
  • Gosu Scribe
  • 1337 Scribe
  • Pure Pwnage Scribe
  • Real Ultimate Power Scribe
  • Devotion
  • Fellowship
  • Resilience
  • Valor
  • Honor
  • Fanaticism
  • Seriously, you crazy.
  • Oh Snap!
  • Artsy Touch
  • Perfect Shot
  • Illustrator
  • Decorator
  • Designer
  • Seeker of Art
  • Devotee of Art
  • Something to Say
  • Opinionator
  • And One More Thing
  • Share the Love
  • Feel the Love
  • Spread the Word
  • Attract a Herd
  • Charm the Mob
  • Being friendly
  • Who are you?
  • Please log in
  • Pounce!
  • Sugar Rush
  • Lucky Edit
Badge-571-0 It Started with a Quill...
Badge-571-1 Scribe
Badge-571-2 Pro Scribe
Badge-571-3 Mad Scribe
Badge-571-4 Gosu Scribe
Badge-571-5 1337 Scribe
Badge-571-6 Pure Pwnage Scribe
Badge-571-7 Real Ultimate Power Scribe
Editing Wiki Love Category
  • Wiki Supporter
  • Friend of the Wiki
  • Companion of the Wiki
  • Ally of the Wiki
  • Sentinel of the Wiki
  • Steward of the Wiki
  • Champion of the Wiki
  • Savior of the Wiki
Badge-love-0 Devotion
Badge-love-1 Fellowship
Badge-love-2 Resilience
Badge-love-3 Valor
Badge-love-4 Honor
Badge-love-5 Fanaticism
Badge-love-6 Seriously, you crazy.
  • Sorting it out
  • Trail Blazer
  • Explorer
  • Tour Guide
  • Navigator
  • Bridge Builder
  • Categorical Imperative
Picture Blog post/comment Special
Badge-picture-0 Oh Snap!
Badge-picture-1 Artsy Touch
Badge-picture-2 Perfect Shot
Badge-picture-3 Illustrator
Badge-picture-4 Decorator
Badge-picture-5 Designer
Badge-picture-6 Seeker of Art
Badge-picture-7 Devotee of Art
Badge-blogpost-0 Something to Say
Badge-blogcomment-0 Opinionator
Badge-blogcomment-1 And One More Thing
Badge-sharing-0 Share the Love
Badge-sharing-1 Feel the Love
Badge-sharing-2 Spread the Word
Badge-sharing-3 Attract a Herd
Badge-sharing-4 Charm the Mob
Badge-sayhi Being friendly
Badge-introduction Who are you?
Badge-welcome Please log in
Badge-pounce Pounce!
Badge-caffeinated Sugar Rush
Badge-luckyedit Lucky Edit
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