I've been engaging in some wiki maintenance lately, and I noticed that a lot of maintenance is expended on user pages that haven't been touched for years, with the users presumably gone for good. For example, going through Special:WantedFiles, I found pages like this one that have accumulated half a dozen maintenance edits, but had no real edit for 3 years.

To me, it makes no sense to keep fixing these; if the page is old, if the user is gone, why not delete it and save ourselves the burden of maintenance? To clear the maintenance backlog, I'd have to fix code and images on pages that nobody is ever going to need again; it makes more sense to delete them outright instead of maintaining them again and again.

I propose to delete user pages that have received only maintenance edits since 2008, and where the "owner" has not edited here since 2008 either (i.e. they've been inactive for more than 2 full years). Exceptions would be pages with fanfic content; these would be moved to mainspace in accordance with our new mission.

Addendum: I would add Where is my user page? or something like that to our FAQ, which is linked from the wiki navbar. It would state that users can contact any admin to have their page undeleted.

If there are no objections, I would start this project in April. Please comment!

Related: I suggested on the community portal that our archives of game updates and game news be deleted, since we don't keep them current any more anyway.