Gray Dye
Vial of Dye Gray
Item details
Cost: 50 Gold
Recharge Uses: 1

Gray Dye (sometimes referred to as thinner) is used to remove color added to your items using a Vial of Dye. Gray Dye can also be used as an ingredient when mixing dyes, leading to some rather strangely shaded results. See Mixing Dyes.

It is possible to use Gray Dye on armor not previously dyed, although it does not work on tattoos not previously dyed.


All merchants sell Gray Dye for 50 gold.

Imperial, Monastery, Kurzick, Luxon, and Sunspear Quartermasters offer Gray Dye as a reward for trading in 1 Imperial Commendation, Monastery Credit, Equipment Requisition, Luxon Totem, or Battle Commendation (respectively).


  • Before the October 25, 2006 game update, the equivalent item was called Dye Remover.
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