Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter)
Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter)
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kaineng City
Bukdek Byway

For information on the mission, see Vizunah Square (mission).


Once home to the famous assassin Vizu, inhabitants of this neighborhood successfully petitioned the Celestial Ministry in the year 1396 to rename it in honor of the woman who had helped bring down Shiro the Betrayer.

Getting there

Characters not of the Factions Campaign arrive here by following and completing the quest Welcome to Cantha.

Canthan characters can get here after completing Nahpui Quarter mission, travelling from the Marketplace, Bukdek Byway, Kaineng Center, or Dragon's Throat. Alternatively, Canthan characters can tag along with a Foreign character who is doing the quest Welcome to Cantha.




  • Both Shiro's and Guardsman Chow's dialogue seem to imply that Vizunah Square's previous name was Courthouse Square.
Bug Bug! Sometimes, when traveling to this town, a party (with two or more humans) will not get a travel countdown timer.
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