Amalek the Unmerciful
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
3,000 XP
750 Gold
10 War Supplies
5 Bonus
15 total
Amalek the Unmerciful map.jpg



"Amalek the Unmerciful is but one of many swaggering bandit leaders who has taken advantage of Kryta's misfortunes for personal gain. This particularly brutal thug thinks nothing of pummeling any who dare look at him askance or question his unreasonable orders. The allies of Kryta who exact lethal justice on Amalek will receive both gratitude and a reward from Queen Salma."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Re-create this bounty hunt from the War in Kryta! Amalek the Unmerciful was a swaggering bandit leader who took advantage of Kryta's misfortunes for his personal gain. A particularly brutal thug, Amalek thought nothing of pummeling any who dared look at him askance or question his unreasonable orders. Allies of Kryta exacted lethal justice on Amalek; now, you can do the same by reliving this famous wartime bounty hunt!"


Leave from Divinity Coast and head northeast. If Courier Falken does not spawn, a group of four Peacekeeper Enforcers and one Peacekeeper Goon will block your path. They will appear as allies at first, but will turn hostile after the Goon says "So be it" or "Good enough for me" depending on the dialogue. After you pass them, a resurrection shrine will come into view on an elevated area to the left. Though it appears unreachable without circling around, you can actually run up a small strip of the hill to bypass the Peacekeepers on the right. If you have heroes or henchmen, flag them on the area above to see where you can run up the hill. Make your way around the hill behind the shrine, going counter-clockwise to reach Amalek.

The nearby groups of foes that spawn are random, and not always White Mantle. On some occasions, a group of Caromi Tengu, Mergoyles, and/or Bog Skales will spawn very close to Amalek's group. If so, they will engage, and it is possible for Amalek to be killed during the fight, which will actually cause the quest to be finished.

Amalek is a potent Monk boss, being able to swiftly remove conditions and hexes. If using any of these, make sure to bring cover conditions; otherwise, use AoE skills. Amalek spawns with random Peacekeeper units, one of which is usually a Peacekeeper Clairvoyant with some binding rituals.

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