This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game .

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War of Worlds (WoW), sometimes called Worlds at War (WaW), is the concept that drives the Global Tournament style of play in the PvP part of the Prophecies Campaign. In this war, groups of players belonging to different territories (Korea, America, Europe, Japan and Taiwan) fight for the Favor of the Gods.

Players gain Favor for their territory by winning five consecutive PvP battles in The Hall of Heroes. While the territory holds Favor, it has exclusive access to the Realms of the Gods. This mechanism is often criticized not only for making the PvE side of the game unfairly subservient to the PvP side, but also for creating a false nationalistic tension between players in cyberspace by breaking the fourth wall separating reality and the fictional setting of the game. After all, "America", "Korea", etc. do not have any in-game meaning. Players in territories that do not have Favor can often be seen in the Temple of the Ages cursing the territory that holds the favor and is denying them entry to the Realms.

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