Warmaster Casana
Warmaster Casana
Species: Human
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 7


Warmaster Casana is a Ranger soldier of the Ascalon Army. He serves in King Adelbern's Guard and helps the player during the Nolani Academy mission.


Skills used


"Are we there yet?"
"Behind is defeat. Ahead is victory!"
"I'm following you! Don't ask me!"
"Lead on friend. I'm right behind you."
"Let's go find some glory and honor."
"Please be careful, I have a family to go back to."
"We shouldn't be standing out here if we're just going to talk."
"Whatever you decide to do, I'll go along with."
"Without the Wall, Rin would surely fall."
"You lead. I'll follow."


"Thank Dwayna. I'm saved!
"I got separated from my party on a scouting mission beyond the Wall."
"I didn't think I'd make it back alive by myself."
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