Builds are a major part of the GuildWiki. However, builds differ from other articles, because they can rarely or never be objectively evaluated. Yet evaluating builds is necessary to provide our users with articles of a quality that is of the same standard as the rest of the wiki. Everyone involved should make sure that, despite conflicting views about the subjective quality of builds, arguments are constructive and not derogatory.

Submitting builds

Everyone is free and welcome to add new builds to the builds section of the guildwiki. GuildWiki:Style and formatting/Builds gives some guidelines to ensure their builds conform our standards of presentation. To prevent our build section from being flooded with builds, authors are asked to only submit builds which they have tested and which have are sufficiently different from previous builds to warrant a new article.

Testing builds

When testing builds, testers should try their best to look at builds unprejudiced. The usage description of the author and also the types of gameplay (GvG/Farming/etc) for which the build is intended for should be checked carefully. Testers who are not 100% sure of their vote should take the build to Guild Wars and run it before casting the vote. It is helpful to try to improve the build by suggesting changes on the talk page.

  • Do not take a negative vote for one of your builds as a personal attack on yourself. The vetting process tries to ensure the quality of builds on this wiki.
  • Do not use personal attacks on the author while voting. It is always the build which is evaluated, not the author.
  • Testers are highly encouraged to leave a note stating the reason for their vote, especially in case of a negative vote.

Build vetting procedure

The procedure currently used for build vetting can be found at GuildWiki:Build vetting procedure.

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