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Scar Pattern Armor surrenders armor bonuses in return for additional Energy. The full 4-piece set grants an additional 7 Energy compared to standard armor, distributed equally according to the probablity of each piece to be hit.

Armor bonus details:

Piece Chest Scar Pattern Leg Scar Pattern Arm Scar Pattern Foot Scar Pattern
Energy +5 Energy Energy Regen +1 +5 Energy Energy Regen +1
Bonus +3 Energy +2 Energy +1 Energy +1 Energy


Cabalist's Armor is a functional clone with different art used for the Obsidian version and armor from the Factions Campaign.

Acquisition, detailed view, and customization

Click on the armor name to view full information (acquisition and gallery), or click on the female/male link to only view the respective gallery.

Core acquisition

Obsidian Scar Pattern
Female Male FemaleMale
180x180px 180x180px 180x180px 180x180px
The Fissure of WoePvP

Prophecies Campaign Necromancer armor art

Scar Pattern Ascended Scar Pattern
Female Male FemaleMale
180x180px 180x180px 180x180px 180x180px
Lion's ArchMarhan's Grotto

Necromancer armor/Factions art

Other Professions

The following are armors of other professions that also provide +7 bonus energy. They are all Core armor available in all campaigns.

The Elementalist profession, which has Energy Storage as a primary attribute, does not have any armor types that provide bonus energy (on top of the standard energy for caster armor).

* The Gladiator's Armor and the Ascetic's Armor each has corresponding headgears, which provide +1 energy, so their total are +8 bonus energy.

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