Wisdom is an account-based, prestige title that is earned by identifying rare items.


For each rank of the Wisdom as well as the Treasure Hunter title track earned, the chance of an item not being destroyed when salvaging a magical upgrade component is increased by 3 percent from a base of 50 percent. The bonuses from both titles do stack.

Wisdom title track

These titles are granted to an account for identifying rare items:

Rank Title Rare items identified Salvage bonus
1 Seeker of Wisdom 100 3%
2 Collector of Wisdom 250 6%
3 Devotee of Wisdom 550 9%
4 Devourer of Wisdom 1,200 12%
5 Font of Wisdom 2,500 15%
6 Oracle of Wisdom 5,000 18%
7 Source of Wisdom 10,000 21%


  • Unidentified salvage armor always breaks after salvaging; no matter how many mods it has, you can only get one ID from it.
  • It is possible to buy this title by purchasing unidentified gold items from other players.
    • For over two years, the default trading price has been 7 un-ID'd golds for 5 Platinum.
    • Assuming you purchase all your identifications through this method, you will spend 7142 Platinum 857 Gold on the items alone (plus at least 40Platinum for the required identification kits). Those costs will be slightly offset by selling low-demand items to NPCs and by trading high-demand modifications to other players.
  • You must max the title (reach rank 7) in order to display this title at the Monument of Honor.

See also

  • Drop rate — has information on which chests provide the best possibility of yielding gold items.

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