Witman's Folly
Witman's Folly Scenery
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Southern Shiverpeaks
Droknar's Forge, Port Sledge
Witman's Folly map
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Area Description

This area is named after the Ascalonian explorer Marshall Whitman. The terrain is broken and chaotic, and due to the fact that it is so close to the water, it is difficult to tell how much of it is on solid ground and how much is icebergs. Most of the enemies here are Grawl.

Connected Zones

Droknar's Forge is to the north west, and you will find Port Sledge to the southwest.



  • The western and middle parts of the zone are crawling with Grawl and Grawl Crone, at level 22.
  • Azure Shadows, in the east, are level 22. Like most shadows, they spawn once you enter their aggro circle.



You can capture the Black Bear pet in this area.

Collectors and Traders

Hints and Tips

This is an excellent zone to walk around in, just with you, a couple of friends, or a few henchmen, and gather elite skills. The zone is small, easy to move around in, and has a lot of trivial monsters, which are quite straightforward to fight. The eastern end of the zone has some azure shadows which pop out of the ice as you walk by, but are not in sufficiently large numbers to cause any trouble. Either way, do not rush forward towards a group of visible mobs in the eastern part of the zone, as you may find yourself fighting three groups instead of one at a time. This is also an excellent place for chest running; many monsters can be avoided (be careful of Azure Shadows), and 3 Shiverpeak Chests (Locked Chest in Hard mode) spawn.

Hard Mode

Witman's Folly has 88-112 monsters. There is a group near Droknar's Forge that will circle the map in a clockwise path that might be missed. The eastern part of the map is only inhabited by two Imp bosses and their Azure Shadow minions. Be careful approaching them as hidden Azure Shadows may popup during your approach. It is suggested to clear the entire western area of the Grawls before venturing east.

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