Wrathful Storm
Scythe of Chaos
Species: Unknown
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24, 28
Dragon Festival Scythe of Chaos

A "Wrathful Storm" during Dragon Festival 2007


Wrathful Storms are a part of the horde of chaotic creatures that poured through the Chaos Rifts in the Haiju Lagoon (mission) and the Jaya Bluffs (mission) during the Dragon Festival 2006. Like the Tyrian Scythes of Chaos they resemble, despite being Torment creatures, the level 28 version of Wrathful Storms are not affected by the Lightbringer's skills, such as Lightbringer's Gaze, and will not provide points for the Monster Hunt Lightbringer bounty. Level 24 Wrathful Storms are vulnerable to Lightbringer skills.

Note: Images used are those of Scythes of Chaos. Wrathful Storms look identical to the Scythes.


Imitation Wrathful Storms

Skills Used

Items Dropped


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