The Xunlai Tournament House is the in-game representation of Anet's tournament betting system, where players can predict the outcomes of tournaments. Xunlai Tournament Agents work for the Tournament House and appear in major cities before tournaments.


How to participate

To enter the contest, players log in at the Xunlai Tournament House webpage using their Xunlai Tournament House user name and password. New players may setup a new account there.

How to play

The object of the contest is to predict the final results of the playoffs of an actual tournament. Once logged in, predictions may be selected by dragging and dropping the names of the 32 participating in the desired order. Players can come back to make changes to their predictions at any time before a certain deadline.

How to win

Predictors earn 1 point for each guild they correctly ranked in their prediction. In the event that a guild does not complete the tournament, they will still be ranked based upon their results for the purposes of this contest. Predictors earn a number of selections of in-game prizes based upon the number of points they have earned.

# of Points Earned Prizes Won
0 1 Selection
1-10 2 Selection
11-20 3 Selections
21-32 4 Selections



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