Yorrt Strongjaw
Yorrt Strongjaw
Species: Yeti
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 15 (20)


Yorrt Strongjaw is a yeti NPC found in Jaya Bluffs.

Quests Given


Skills Used


"Tengu should have killed Yorrt Strongjaw. Now Yorrt Strongjaw left without honor, thanks to stupid human interloper. What you want, stupid human?"


  • Yorrt Strongjaw originally appears as an enemy (red on radar), fighting with Gull Hookbeak, a Sensali Tengu. To be able to receive the quest Death With Honor from him you must wait until Gull Hookbeak is killed. Since the two fighters are equal and both are healing themselves with Healing Signet the fight is a stalemate. You can help to speed up the process attacking Gull Hookbeak.
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