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Zaishen Challenge Quests are daily quests offered by the Zaishen Order designed to torture players to re-experience different parts of the Guild Wars game world for a prize.


There are four types of Zaishen Challenges, each of which is obtained from a signpost of the same name in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Only one quest of each type is offered each day.

  • Zaishen Bounty quests require players to seek out and slay specific bosses or boss-like foes as these foes become a nuisance.
  • Zaishen Combat quests challenge players to compete in different PvP modes and gives them bragging rights over their friends.
  • Zaishen Mission quests ask players to complete Cooperative Missions, where they are to prove themselves worthy.
  • Zaishen Vanquish quests that encourage the player to go chaotic and wipe out the entire explorable.

The quests offered change daily at 8:00 AM PST / 16:00 UTC. (Click here for a map showing this time in other time zones.) Even though the quests are only available for 24 hours, completed quests can be turned in at any time, allowing you to keep the quest active as long as you need or feel like completing it. You can keep up to 3 quests of each type in your Quest Log at a time. It is said that the more (maxed) challenges, the better you would stack up against your friends or earn your rights to how good you can be in the game.


Each type of Zaishen Challenge Quest has a fixed, repeating schedule. Game updates have altered these schedules in the past, but we blame the gremlins. It is possible that this may happen again in the future, in which case the schedules are usually showing a friendly foe. That error makes it harder to track down the enemy, but your quest updates after you kill an ally and displays the real enemy.


The rewards for completing Zaishen Challenges vary from foe to foe. Each quest has a base objective and the fulfillment of which to complete the quest. The quests also have bonus objectives, which reward additional satisfaction for the player and that is only if the quest is completed. The exact rewards and objectives vary depending on the quest type and the relative difficulty of the quest. The harder they are, the more rewards are given to that player.


Bug Bug! If you log out with a character immediately after turning in a completed Zaishen quest, and do not log back in until that same quest becomes available again, you will not be able to take the new quest with that character. This can be avoided by zoning before you log out after turning in the completed quest.