Zen Daijun
Zen Daijun
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: Shing Jea Island
Haiju Lagoon,
Zen Daijun (explorable)

For information on the mission, see Zen Daijun (mission).

For information on the explorable area Zen Daijun, see Zen Daijun (explorable).


The valley of Zen Daijun has long been a holy place to the people of Cantha and a destination for pilgrims seeking enlightenment on Shing Jea Island. It is the home of Zunraa, an ancient protector that takes the form of a Kirin. Many weary travelers have been buoyed by the restorative properties of Zunraa's ancient shrines, which still stand to this day.

Getting there

For Factions characters, complete the quest To Zen Daijun by talking to the gate keeper, Brother Hanjui.

Characters of other campaigns must travel northeast then southeast from Seitung Harbor, through Jaya Bluffs and Haiju Lagoon.




  • Non-Factions characters will not earn any reward from completing the mission here.
  • Zen Daijun could be translated into "Valley of Peace."
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