Zodiac Scepter
Zodiac Scepter
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Varies
Damage type(s):Varies
PvP reward type: Exotic
Common:Iron Ingot
Rare:Steel Ingot


This Zodiac-style weapon drops in both of the Canthan Elite Missions.


Factions Campaign


Uninscribable versions are universal in the caster attribute type they can be linked to and the damage type of these is determined by the attribute it is linked to. These are dropped by the monsters and the chests in The Deep and Urgoz's Warren.

Inscribable versions can drop out of the end chest of The Deep or Urgoz's Warren. They can only be linked to the Primary attribute of its respective caster profession (except for Mesmer where they are tied to Inspiration Magic).


  • Dye colors the gems. This wand is dyed yellow by default. Note that the aura doesn't actually change colors, unlike the dye preview screen shows.

Zodiac Scepter colored

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